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What is a stock vector?

The vector images, posters, photo, flash videos, logos are easiest to manipulate and most probably available and can be downloaded online because of stock vector. Working with the bitmap images are more difficult or impossible when it comes to adjust the sizing of the image or moving the image. Making the sizes changing will lead to damage the image. Poor resolution of the image can be the reason of the bad looking image. Bitmap images will have squares all over the image. When enlarge the image it will blur or when reduce the size, some part of the image will be lost. So at the end the image will lose its best quality.stock vector

Vector images are object based. It works on mathematical formulas. We can also say it is standard collection of individual objects. User can have a good example of vector image by searching vector stock. These types of images are a lot better than bitmap images as they can scale at any size without losing the quality of the image. That particular group of stock vectors allows image to rotate, enlarge, move, and moving smoothly in flash without breaking any pixels.

Bitmap images have many limitations with the compare to the vector image. One of the most awful feature of the bitmap image is that they are limited to being squares or rectangular in shape. If user will put one image on another bitmap image, the small squares appear all over the image. Whereas vector images are ideal to create website as it’s hi res graphics, map and even company’s logo can be created with the full of creativity.

If user wants to see more example s of vector image they can search on stock vectors. They will find a lots of creativity images, logos, posters, pictures, moving flash image etc. most of the website provides the vector images for free or some of them charges a bit. If user have got business project to do a presentation, school report, or creating website for study purpose or user just printing out fliers, then grab an image from the stock vector which are available online.


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